Landing and Entryway Transformations

The Landing

This is the one room in the house from which, being a coach house with everything upstairs, all the other rooms are accessed. It’s the first area people see when they come in and, as such, I wanted to capture my taste here and really show my style. As with other areas, monochrome is very much the name of the game. I got a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest with this area and it is one of the best complimented areas of my home.

After the initial renovation in 2014, this area was still a blank canvas. It was all magnolia walls, white doors and door frames and the grey carpet replacing the original beige one that had seen better days. The pelmet and light shade were a matching brown stripy pattern. Here’s how it looked…

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Bedroom 1 Transformation

The main bedroom was really fun to give a makeover and it feels awesome to wake up every day to the sight of furniture that me and my Dad built together from scratch. This room has come such a long way and I have received lovely compliments on it. I am really pleased that others love it as much as I do.

Here’s how the room looked when I first bought the house:

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Living Room Transformation

The Living Room is probably my favourite part of the house. It has undergone such a transformation since I moved in and I truly believe that a stylish living room goes a long way. It can be something that people really remember a house for as it’s likely that when you have guests over you’ll all be spending most of the time in the living room. In my case, it’s also where I like to relax after a long day working.

The only photos I have of how it looked when I bought the place in April 2014 are from the information leaflet from the estate agent. Here’s how it was back then…

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