Living Room Transformation

The Living Room is probably my favourite part of the house. It has undergone such a transformation since I moved in and I truly believe that a stylish living room goes a long way. It can be something that people really remember a house for as it’s likely that when you have guests over you’ll all be spending most of the time in the living room. In my case, it’s also where I like to relax after a long day working.

The only photos I have of how it looked when I bought the place in April 2014 are from the information leaflet from the estate agent. Here’s how it was back then…

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Hello and welcome! I have just set up this blog to document in greater detail the work that I am doing to my first home.

My plan here is to do a blog post on each project as it is completed. Since there isn’t one part of the house that is 100% ready, I won’t add any more posts here just yet. However, in the meantime you can check out my page on Instagram (click the insta button at the bottom) and also my About Me page here.

Looking forward to showing what I have been up to!