Home Transformations, Project #1 - Own Home

Landing and Entryway Transformations

The LandingThis is the one room in the house from which, being a coach house with everything upstairs, all the other rooms are accessed. It's the first area people see when they come in and, as such, I wanted to capture my taste here and really show my style. As with other areas, monochrome is… Continue reading Landing and Entryway Transformations

Interior Styling

Chun-Kees: My Love for Chunky Knits

Note to readers: I am no longer actively serving as a brand rep for Chun-Kees, but I still didn’t want to delete this post. I am keeping it up, though removing references to my discount code. Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I am a brand representative for Chun-Kees, which basically means I volunteer my… Continue reading Chun-Kees: My Love for Chunky Knits

Home Transformations, Project #1 - Own Home

Bedroom 1 Transformation

The main bedroom was really fun to give a makeover and it feels awesome to wake up every day to the sight of furniture that me and my Dad built together from scratch. This room has come such a long way and I have received lovely compliments on it. I am really pleased that others… Continue reading Bedroom 1 Transformation