Landing and Entryway Transformations

The Landing

This is the one room in the house from which, being a coach house with everything upstairs, all the other rooms are accessed. It’s the first area people see when they come in and, as such, I wanted to capture my taste here and really show my style. As with other areas, monochrome is very much the name of the game. I got a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest with this area and it is one of the best complimented areas of my home.

After the initial renovation in 2014, this area was still a blank canvas. It was all magnolia walls, white doors and door frames and the grey carpet replacing the original beige one that had seen better days. The pelmet and light shade were a matching brown stripy pattern. Here’s how it looked…

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Project Hue: Lighting My Home With Philips Hue Smart Lights

I’ve always been into my tech and as soon as I saw home accounts on Instagram featuring Philips Hue lights, I knew I had to investigate it for myself. I’ve seen some truly stunning arrangements and I put loads of thought into how I could use this to achieve a really modern feature in my home. This particular project took 15 months to complete, but now all my living space is lit 100% by Hue. The only spaces that are not are the “non living” spaces – the downstairs entryway, garage cupboard and eventually the garage itself, which are all on a separate system called Hive that also controls my heating. The loft was also supposed to be getting Hive lighting, but this idea was scrapped due to concerns over the loft getting too hot for the bulbs to safely operate. Never underestimate just how hot a loft can get in the summer!

Note that this blog post is not intended to be a technical review of Philips Hue (though I do cover good and bad points from my perspective), nor am I comparing it to any other kind of system out there (there are others such as LIFX, for example). I am simply writing about how I used Hue in my home and also how I achieved splitting a light strip into four sections for my kitchen cupboards and using cables to bridge the gaps. This is quite a common desire for Hue users, yet there doesn’t seem to be much info on the web about people achieving it. I hope that I can help address that issue by sharing my experiences here.

Now, onto the lights…

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The Road to My Home: Four Years On

On the 17th of April, 2014, my life changed forever. That day was the end of a long and hard battle to buy my first home. I had plenty of challenges along the way and for many, buying your first home is a true cause of celebration. However, for me there was a very deep and personal dimension to gaining a roof of my own to live under and this is something I tend not to talk about on my Instagram, until now.

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Living Room Transformation

The Living Room is probably my favourite part of the house. It has undergone such a transformation since I moved in and I truly believe that a stylish living room goes a long way. It can be something that people really remember a house for as it’s likely that when you have guests over you’ll all be spending most of the time in the living room. In my case, it’s also where I like to relax after a long day working.

The only photos I have of how it looked when I bought the place in April 2014 are from the information leaflet from the estate agent. Here’s how it was back then…

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Hello and welcome! I have just set up this blog to document in greater detail the work that I am doing to my first home.

My plan here is to do a blog post on each project as it is completed. Since there isn’t one part of the house that is 100% ready, I won’t add any more posts here just yet. However, in the meantime you can check out my page on Instagram (click the insta button at the bottom) and also my About Me page here.

Looking forward to showing what I have been up to!