The Road to My Home: Four Years On

On the 17th of April, 2014, my life changed forever. That day was the end of a long and hard battle to buy my first home. I had plenty of challenges along the way and for many, buying your first home is a true cause of celebration. However, for me there was a very deep and personal dimension to gaining a roof of my own to live under and this is something I tend not to talk about on my Instagram, until now.

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Chun-Kees: My Love for Chunky Knits

Note to readers: I am no longer actively serving as a brand rep for Chun-Kees, but I still didn’t want to delete this post. I am keeping it up, though removing references to my discount code.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, I am a brand representative for Chun-Kees, which basically means I volunteer my time to help promote the business on Instagram and the occasional real-world event. However, Chun-Kees did not ask me to write this blog post and I am not benefitting from them in any way by writing it. I am merely voluntarily writing this blog post as I currently have two products from Chun-Kees, the smaller of which was gifted by them, and they form one of my favourite parts of decor in my house, so wanted to include them in my posts here.

Back in September 2017, I saw a couple of my favourite home interiors accounts on Instagram featuring chunky-knit blankets in their living rooms and bedrooms. They came from a company called Chun-Kees, which sells chunky-knit blankets, cushions and bed runners. At this time, Chun-Kees were having a flash sale event on white blankets and I decided to grab myself one at a great price. Even better that there were some brand reps around at the time with their own discount codes so I could grab myself even more of a bargain. Though it took a few weeks to arrive, the wait was not unexpected as the products are all made to order. But the wait was definitely worth it and it’s lovely to know that the product is made especially for you. When it came, I was not disappointed!

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